MyNissan Rewards Program

What Is The MyNISSAN Rewards Program?

Put simply, the MyNISSAN Rewards program is a way for Nissan owners to earn points when they service, repair or buy a Nissan at participating dealerships. Local Utah Nissan owners will be happy to learn that Ken Garff Nissan is one such participating dealer, which means you can earn big when you schedule Nissan oil changes, tire rotations and more at our nearby Nissan service center. To learn more about this exciting new loyalty program, sign up below.

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How It Works


How Does MyNISSAN Rewards Work?

All you have to do is have your Nissan repaired and serviced at our authorized Nissan service center near New Orleans. Because we’re a dealer that’s affiliated with this program, you can earn points anytime you work with us to schedule Nissan service, purchase OEM parts or buy a new Nissan Altima or Rogue. The best part about all this? The more you keep up with your Nissan Sentra or Pathfinder maintenance schedule, the more points you’ll earn and the more you’ll ultimately save.

How Do I Redeem MyNISSAN Rewards Points?

You can redeem MyNISSAN Rewards points for almost any of our Nissan sales and service offerings. That means you can cash in your points for discounts the next time you take advantage of our express oil changes or order new Nissan accessories from our local auto parts center. You can even use them to save big when you buy one of the new Nissan SUVs for sale at a Ken Garff Nissan dealership.

How Much Are MyNISSAN Rewards Points Worth?

The MyNISSAN Rewards program features a 1:1 ratio of points to dollars. To put that in perspective, 100 points would equate to a $100 credit that could be applied when you buy a new Nissan or pay for Nissan maintenance and servicing. As your rewards balance grows, it can turn into an incredibly lucrative discount, so you can be strategic about how you spend it. Hoard points to put towards a New Frontier or Titan? Or, use them across multiple visits to our Ken Garff Nissan repair shop for exceptionally affordable service costs? With MyNISSAN Rewards, the choice is yours.


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