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Preparing for a Road Trip

There's nothing like a road trip to make an open weekend into an adventure. It's always annoying when the good times stop rolling due to car troubles. With the right sort of preparation, you can minimize the possibility of something going wrong with your car.

Your tires will do the brunt of the legwork on a road trip, so check them to make sure they are safe and fully inflated to their manufacturer-recommended PSI. Checking their tread, including the spare, can help you avoid issues with older tires. Along with your tires, we recommend making sure your horn and window wipers are working as they should. Nobody wants to be in the middle of nowhere to find out that their window wipers just make a mess on the windshield.

If you don't already have an emergency kit for your car, you should make one right away. Emergency kits can take a bad situation and turn it around. Starting with the obvious, jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, and a flashlight are all necessities, even when not road tripping. Beyond those, a can of tire sealer, rags, work glove, and some basic tools will prepare you for all sorts of bad situations.

Motor oil and coolant are both very important because they keep things running smoothly inside your car. Check your oil level and color. If there isn't enough oil or if the oil is black and thick, it might be a good idea to get an oil change. You'll want to make sure there is enough coolant and  there aren't any leaks.

If you haven't taken a look at your car's owner's manual, now would be a good time to do so. The manual can help you understand things like how to tow a trailer (if needed), what all your dashboard lights mean, and how to refill your vehicle's fluids. These are all good things to know.

Now that you're all ready for your road trip, have a great time and, of course, drive safely!