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Learn How to Jump Start Your Car

Car battery died? Don't worry! Jump-starting a car is easier than you think. Follow these steps and hopefully you can get your car running in no time.

Start by parking another vehicle with a working car battery next to your car. You need to make sure that the two cars are close enough that the jumper cables can reach from one battery to the other. Once the two cars are in place, pop both of their hoods so you can easily access their batteries.

Car battery terminals and jumper cables both come in two colors: black and red. The black terminals and cables are negative, and the red terminals and cables are positive. When connecting the jumper cables, there is a very specific order to follow:

  1. Connect one red leads to the red terminal of the working car battery.

  2. Connect the other red lead to the red terminal of the dead car battery.

  3. Connect one black lead to the black terminal of the working car battery.

  4. Connect the final black lead to an unpainted metal surface or bolt on the car with the dead battery, but away from the dead battery.

Once you have the jumper cables connected, turn on the ignition of the car with the working battery. Let the engine run for about a minute and then try to turn on the car with the dead battery. If it starts, congratulations! Now you need to let the engine run for a few minutes a few minutes to let the battery charge. Next you need to take off the jumper cables in reverse order, making sure that the leads don't touch any metal surface, including each other, until the are completely detached. Finally, you should drive around (or let your engine idle) for about half an hour to let your battery build up more of a charge.

If you followed the steps and your car still doesn't start, try letting the battery charge for another minute or two with the working car still idling the engine. If that doesn't help it start, we recommend that you have your car towed to a nearby trusted service center to check out your car.