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How to Fix a Hole In Your Tire

Slow leaks and tiny holes in tires can usually be repaired at home. It's a quick, cheap fix that will get you back on the road fast.

First, buy a tire repair kit at your local auto store. It will come with several tools to allow you to patch your tire. They are inexpensive and simple to use.

If you have a small object in your tire, like a nail,  surround it with tape to make it easy to locate. Then, simply pull out object. Use the round file in your repair kit and insert it in the tire several times. Then take the tool that looks like a large needle and insert one of the strings through the open eye. Stick the tool into the hole until about a half inch of the strings are sticking out. As you pull the tool back out, it will leave the strings in the hole to act as a plug. Then you can cut the leftover strings next to the tire. Fill your tire with air to the right pressure.

Keep in mind that big holes, or holes on the side wall of the tire, are not repairable with these easy instructions. In these situations, it's best to visit the experts. Attempting to repair large holes or side-wall holes at home can lead to dangerous blow-outs while driving.

View our video to see expert tips to repair your tire at home and save yourself time and money, and a visit to a repair shop!