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Dashboard Warning Lights Part 1

It's important to learn about the dashboard warning lights that may come on in your car and what they signify. This video is part one in a three part series explaining the lights that you may see most often illuminating on your dashboard.

Service Engine Soon Light - What Does It Mean?

Your vehicle's electronic control module has identified an issue with your engine's functioning. It is safe to keep driving your vehicle while the check engine light is showing, but you should schedule a  repair appointment as soon as you're able and have it checked by a professional..  

O/D (Overdrive) Off Light - What Does It Mean?

The O/D Off light indicates you that your vehicle's overdrive system has been shut off. Overdrive is a mode that allows an automatic transmission to kick into its highest gear and higher RPMs. There is no reason to turn this system off, so it is recommended to keep this going. It is typically turned on and off via a button, usually on your center console. Our video about overdrive can help you learn more about this.

ESP/ESC Light - What Does It Mean?

The ESP or ESC light will usually turn on n if your car is sliding and electronic stability system is kicking in. If the light is illuminated and doesn't turn off again, this can mean there is a problem with the electronic stability system. We recommend you turn the system off, typically via a button that says ESP or ESC, and take your car in for service as soon as possible.Understanding your dashboard lights is important. It can help you be aware of needs  your vehicle has, if it needs a professional to look, or if a simple button has been accidentally pressed.

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