NV Passenger 4×4 Conversions

Are you looking for a van that is not only reliable and durable, but also has solid off-road capabilities? At Ken Garff Nissan Salt Lake, we now offer Nissan NVP van 4×4 conversions.

There are many benefits to the Nissan NVP 4×4 conversions we offer. Because our conversions use factory Nissan parts, these vans maintain their factory warranty. This also makes regular maintenance and part replacement much easier. You can have the van customized to your liking, including adding accessories like roof racks, lifts, step bars, and more.

With conversions that are so closely integrated with Nissan’s factory standards, the NVP 4×4 vans maintain their on-road safety while adding off-road peace of mind, something that not all modified vehicles can boast.


We now have two different types of 4×4 conversions available:

Non OEM 4×4 Shifter

This true 4×4 system comes from Advanced 4WD Systems. It has a two-speed transfer case, and combines industry-standard components. To make the activator, an old-fashioned shifter is cut into the transmission tunnel. It’s located next to your right leg, and you just pull the gear into high or low. This 4×4 system is effective, but it doesn’t offer the look and feel of one that has been factory installed.

OEM 4×4 Switch

This activator switch is the same electronic one used in Titan and Titan XD models, and like these models, you can find it in the dash near the ignition. It can be switched into high at speeds below 60mph, and switched into low when your vehicle is stopped. There is a 4×4 activity light in the factory gauge cluster. This switch also creates the perfect feel when you’re in 4-wheel drive.

Get a Nissan NVP 4×4 starting at just $46,697. Price as shown $62,397.

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